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 Οι σοφίες του Γέροντα Hachiman.

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Mellow Admirer
Mellow Admirer

Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 219
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 17/07/2013

#1ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Οι σοφίες του Γέροντα Hachiman.   Κυρ Μάης 10, 2015 9:04 am

Ο Hikigaya Hachiman είναι ο πρωταγωνιστής του Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. ενός από τα καλύτερα slice of life/school/comedy anime imo. Η πολυαναμενόμενη 2η season παίζεται τώρα. Δεν μεταφράζω τίποτα γιατί βαριέμαι.

Μια σύντομη περιγραφή του από wikipedia:

Hachiman is a student in class 2F of Sōbu High School who is isolated, friendless and pragmatic to a fault. His most prominent feature is his set of "dead fish-eyes". He firmly believes that "youth" is simply an illusion created by hypocrites, for hypocrites, born from the ashes of past failures. In this state of apparent corruption, he is coerced into joining the Service Club by his futures advisor in the hopes that exposing him to the world will change his personality, and ultimately make him a "better person". Hachiman believes that he is insignificant and thus is willing to take on blames in order to keep everyone else happy.

'Looking Back on High School Life'(έκθεσή του που παρουσιάζεται ως εισαγωγή στο anime)

Youth is a lie. It is nothing but evil.
Those of you who rejoice in youth are perpetually deceiving yourselves and those around you. You perceive everything about the reality surrounding you in a positive light. Even life-threatening mistakes will be remembered as single page proofs of your youth.
I’ll give you an example. If such people were to dabble in criminal acts such as shoplifting or mass rioting, it would be called ‘youthful indiscretion.’ If they were to fail an exam, they would say school is not only a place for studying. Their pursuit of ‘youth’ excuses even distortions of commonly held beliefs and social norms.
Under their discretion, lies, secrets, crimes and even failure are nothing but the spice of one’s youth. And in their corrupt ways, they discover something peculiar about failure. They conclude that while their own failures are generally a part of relishing in youth, others’ failures should be shot down as just failures and nothing more.
If failure is seen proof of one’s youth, isn’t it strange not to consider those who fail to make friends as experiencing the height of their youth? Not that they acknowledge that.
It amounts to nothing. This is simply opportunism. Therefore, it is a sham, full of damnable lies, deception, secrets and fraud.
They are evil.
That is to say, ironic as it is, those who do not glorify their youth are the truly righteous ones.
To conclude: Fools who enjoy this thing called "youth," should go and freaking die.

How animals live in the wild(έκθεση στη βιολογία, εισαγωγή 2ου επεισοδίου)

Animals naturally form packs.
Carnivores form social hierarchies within their packs. Those that fail to become alphas harbor the burden of failure until they die. I'm sure the herbivores feel guilt as they sacrifice their comrades to evade their predators and live on. In this world, forming packs yields no benefit for the individual. Thus, I choose the way of the solitary bear, which does not form packs. The bear finds no anxiety in living alone. He is proud. He is a lone wolf. Furthermore, they hibernate in the winter. How wonderful that must be. There is no doubt in my mind.
In my next life, I want to be a bear.

"It's more important to participate than to win."
Since Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games, stated this passionately in speech, everyone has heard this phrase. However, it is often used out of context, to force the unwilling into participating "willingly." In this world, there are plenty of things where putting in effort is pointless.If the most important thing is to take part, surely one could find meaning in not taking part as well. And if everything's worth experiencing, then there's little doubt that the feeling of not experiencing something is, in itself, worth experiencing.
In fact, you could even call it a valuable experience to not experience something everyone else does.

"You can't run away" is just how the strong think. It's impossible for it to always be the individual's fault. Plenty of times, it's society, the world, your surroundings, or someone else that's mistaken. "I can change," means adjusting to that shitty, cold-hearted and cruel world. It means admitting defeat and subordination. It's a euphemism you use to deceive even yourself.

I hate nice girls.
Just exchanging pleasantries with them makes me curious, and texting each other makes me feel restless. If I get a call, for the rest of the day, I keep checking my call history with a stupid grin on my face. But I know the truth. They're just being nice. Anyone nice to me is nice to others too. But I always find myself on the verge of forgetting that. If the truth is a cruel mistress, then a lie must be a nice girl. And so, niceness is a lie. I would always hold expectations. I would always misunderstand. At some point, I stopped hoping. An experienced loner never falls for the same trap twice. A lone warrior, surviving hundreds of battles. When it comes to losing, I'm the strongest. That's why, no matter what happens, I will always hate nice girls.

Αυτά για σήμερα

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Mellow Admirer
Mellow Admirer

Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 219
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 17/07/2013

#2ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Απ: Οι σοφίες του Γέροντα Hachiman.   Πεμ Μάης 14, 2015 1:34 pm

2o post

Κείμενο από μια φόρμα που συμπλήρωσε για το ποιο χώρο εργασίας θέλει να επισκεφθεί (στα πλαίσια του επαγγελματικού προσανατολισμού):
A wise man once said, "When you work, you lose." To labor is to take on risk and obtain a return. Thus, my decision not to work and instead enter the household is not only valid, but also absolutely and positively legitimate. And so, for the upcoming workplace visit, I wish to visit my own home, where a full-time stay-at-home husband does his work.

“Oh yeah? Good on you to notice. You’re right, I am nice. I’ve been through all kinds of things in my life, but I haven’t gone out for revenge on a single person at all. If I was any other normal person, this world would’ve ended already. You could even call me the savior of the world.”

"The rich want their private jets and beaches. So it follows that loners, who always have plenty of private time, are the victors in life. Ergo, being alone is the new status symbol."

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